my playlist for life

my playlist for life 1

Music is a powerful thing. It’s gotten me through some of the best and worst times of my life. Whether I’ve felt happy, sad, joyful confused, excited, angry, or anything in between, music has been there for me- making the most profound impact on my life. To me, it doesn’t matter what genre of music it is- I love it all (except screamo…my ears can’t take that haha). I love the feeling I get when I connect to a song. Read More

On Being Unapologetically Single

On Being Unapologetically Single 2

For the past 4 years I’ve been single and for roughly 2 of those years I’ve been unapologetically single. You may be wondering “what does being unapologetically single even mean”? Well, it means exactly how it sounds- not expressing regret for being single and that includes not only to the world, but also to yourself. Now don’t think this post is just for you, single people- that’s right, it’s also for people who are in relationships! I can guarantee you that if you aren’t unapologetically single yourself, you know someone who is. Read More