The 14 Things You Need to Experience in Tucson, Arizona


I just finished my first trip to Tucson, Arizona and let me tell you, it was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken! I never really thought of Tucson as a place I would like to travel to, but since my mom was house sitting for a friend and offered for me to come and visit, I thought “why not!” My mom and I ventured all over the city (which is ginormous btw- 227 square miles to be exact!) to take in some of the best eats, sights, and shops! If you’re planning a trip to Tucson or never even thought about visiting until you read this, I hope this post will help make your decision and planning that much easier!Read More

The 9 Places you need to visit in NYC (in my opinion)

My biggest goal for my first trip to New York was to experience the city like a local would. This meant no chain restaurants and as little touristy things as possible. Although you’ll see that I did some traditional things a tourist would do in NYC (it’s hard to avoid everything touristy), I also found some hidden gems that your average NYC tourist may not know about! I’m so excited to share the adventures I took on this trip with all of you! I had the time of my life in the three short days I spent there! New York has easily become my favorite city (a close second to New Orleans and Austin)! Read More