my playlist for life

my playlist for life 1

Music is a powerful thing. It’s gotten me through some of the best and worst times of my life. Whether I’ve felt happy, sad, joyful confused, excited, angry, or anything in between, music has been there for me- making the most profound impact on my life. To me, it doesn’t matter what genre of music it is- I love it all (except screamo…my ears can’t take that haha). I love the feeling I get when I connect to a song.

Lyrics are a big thing for me. It’s such a magical experience to listen to a song from a big artist like Katy Perry and feel as though she wrote that song for you (if you didn’t know already, Katy Perry is my Queen and I love her so so much!). I remember when I was going through a rough breakup, I put her album, Prism, on repeat for a month straight because the songs she included on that album spoke directly to my soul.

I decided to take my love of powerful music and compile all my favorite songs into one place- my playlist for life. I’ve separated this playlist into four categories- songs that I cry to, songs that empower me, songs that pump me up, and songs that lift me up, so you can take each playlist when you need it and listen away!

You’ll notice there’s a lot of Katy Perry, naturally, because she is my idol and my #1 favorite musical artist- but trust me when I say there’s so so much more to her than “California Gurls”, “I Kissed A Girl” and “Hot N Cold” 🙂 You’ll also notice that I’ve included a good variety of artists and music genres, but I tend to stick with a lot of pop since that’s my genre of choice, but don’t let that take you away from looking at or listening to these playlists- these are carefully chosen songs that are near and dear to my heart.

I hope that my playlist for life is able to help you as much as it’s helped me! Enjoy and happy listening! 🙂

p.s.- Although each of these songs has a special place in my heart, I’ve bolded my absolutely-could-not-get-through-life-without-them favorites, so if you don’t have time to listen to the whole playlist, you can at least listen to the best of the best! 🙂

{songs that I cry to}

These are the songs I listen to when I’m going through rough waters. This playlist has gotten me through a rough breakup, my eating disorder recovery, loss (both of life and of things like friendships) and every not so good feeling in between.

By the Grace of God- Katy Perry

Pearl- Katy Perry

Who Am I Living For?- Katy Perry

Love Me- Katy Perry

Unconditionally- Katy Perry

Hallelujah- Pentatonix

Praying- Kesha

Butterfly Fly Away- Miley Cyrus

Burn- Hamilton: An American Musical

Hurricane- Hamilton: An American Musical

Clean- Taylor Swift

Changed- Rascal Flatts

Try- Colbie Caillat

Fire and Rain- James Taylor

Let Go- Frou Frou

Let It Go- James Bay

Warrior- Demi Lovato

What About Us- P!nk

Finale- Dear Evan Hansen

{songs that empower me}

This collection of songs has empowered me to continue my ED recovery, celebrate wins, give me that last bit of energy I needed to finish a project or paper, or just instilled that ‘heck yeah I got this’ mentality in me. You’ll probably notice this set of songs is the longest, that’s because, I’m not going to lie, I need a heck of a lot of empowering most of the time. I use music to empower me in pretty much anything I do. There’s just something about shouting out lyrics at the top of my lungs that gives me an overwhelming feeling of power.

Part of Me- Katy Perry

Roar- Katy Perry

Rise- Katy Perry

Power- Katy Perry

Pendulum- Katy Perry

Hey Hey Hey- Katy Perry

Firework- Katy Perry

Old Ways- Demi Lovato

Confident- Demi Lovato

Unstoppable- Sia

The Greatest- Sia

Born This Way- Lady Gaga

Perfect Illusion- Lady Gaga

Waving Through a Window- Dear Evan Hansen

You Will Be Found- Dear Evan Hansen

Disappear- Dear Evan Hansen

Bad Blood- Taylor Swift (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Road Less Traveled- Lauren Alaina

Fight Song- Rachel Platten

Scars to Your Beautiful- Alessia Cara

Wild Things- Alessia Cara

How Far I’ll Go (from Moana)- Alessia Cara

Just Like Fire- P!nk

The Climb- Miley Cyrus

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)- Kelly Clarkson

That Don’t Impress Me Much- Shania Twain

Tornado- Little Big Town

Survivor- Destiny’s Child

Shout Out To My Ex- Little Mix

Sit Still, Look Pretty- Daya

Hell No- Ingrid Michaelson

Machine- MisterWives

This Is Me- The Greatest Showman

{songs that pump me up}

This playlist of songs has gotten me pumped up for finals exams, job interviews, big presentations, first dates, and meeting new people. If it was socially acceptable I would sing these songs out loud with my headphones in or out my car window, in hopes that other people would get pumped up for life too!

Dark Horse- Katy Perry (feat. Juicy J)

Keep Your Head Up- Andy Grammer

Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)- Andy Grammer

Beautiful Trauma- P!nk

Do My Thang- Miley Cyrus

Don’t Stop Me Now- Queen

Don’t Stop Believin’- Queen

Life’s About To Get Good- Shania Twain

Man I Feel Like A Woman- Shania Twain

You Gotta Be- Kiera Weathers

Good As Hell- Lizzo

Remember the Name- Fort Minor

Loser Like Me- Glee Cast

Love Myself- Hailee Steinfeld

Better Than I Used To Be- Matt Kearney & Afsheen

Feeling Good- Michael Buble

Be As You Are (JordanXL Remix)- Mike Posner

Can’t Back Down- Camp Rock 2

It’s On- Camp Rock 2

Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield

Come Alive- The Greatest Showman

{songs that lift me up}

These are the songs I listen to when I need some alone time with the Lord, but am not in a situation where I can read my bible or write in my devotional journal and these are also the songs I listen to when I’m reading my bible or writing in my devotional journal! They elicit such an emotional response for me. I don’t know what it is about Christian music, but it always makes me feel so gosh darn amazing! 🙂

Amazing  Grace (My Chains are Gone)- Chris Tomlin

Good Good Father- Chris Tomlin



Chain Breaker- Zach Williams

Higher- Unspoken

You Are Loved- Stars Go Dim

Eye of the Storm- Ryan Stevenson

Dear Younger Me- MercyMe

That’s All She Wrote…

Don’t forget to dance, cry, and be inspired like no one is watching! Rock out in your car, your room, your kitchen, or the shower- just don’t forget to stop and listen to the lyrics. You never know when they’ll  inspire you.

What songs or musical artists have changed your life? What songs do you cry to, feel empowered by, use to pump yourself up, or listen to, to lift you up?

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