An Open Letter to My Scale

I wrote this letter in February of 2017 while reading Rebecca Scritchfield‘s book “Body Kindness” . In the beginning of the book she lists the steps of the “Body Kindness Cleanse” (the only cleanse you will ever see me doing). The first step she lists in this cleanse is to “break up with your scale”. In my mind, I had already broken up with my scale as, at that point, I hadn’t weighed myself in 9 months, but Rebecca instructed readers to write a letter to their scales- I hesitantly accepted her writing exercise. Read More

The 9 Places you need to visit in NYC (in my opinion)

My biggest goal for my first trip to New York was to experience the city like a local would. This meant no chain restaurants and as little touristy things as possible. Although you’ll see that I did some traditional things a tourist would do in NYC (it’s hard to avoid everything touristy), I also found some hidden gems that your average NYC tourist may not know about! I’m so excited to share the adventures I took on this trip with all of you! I had the time of my life in the three short days I spent there! New York has easily become my favorite city (a close second to New Orleans and Austin)! Read More

7 Ways To Create a Sanctuary Space

The idea of a “sanctuary space” is something that came to me while I was laying around in my bedroom one night. I was surveying the space and realized how safe, at home, and relaxed I felt. Sure, I’ve always felt safe in my home, but for some reason this felt different. This place felt like a place where I could come to get away from the world and have some quality me time. A place that I could call my own. A place especially for me. Read More

3 Things You Need To Know About Me

Stop right there! Have you read my about me page yet? If not, I suggest checking that out first so you can get a little background about who I am before diving into this post.

I went back and forth with what I wanted to write my first official blog post about, but I finally decided on this one. I’m not going to lie, I felt like I was writing an online dating profile of sorts when I outlined and drafted this post. So that’s what I went with as I wrote it, I acted as if I was writing a dating profile for you, my readers. I’ve summarized the 3 things I think you need to know if we’re going to make this whole blog writer and blog reader relationship work. So let’s get into it- Read More